Examining Mail Headers Discover the Easy Way of Executing It

There are varied numbers of issues that lead to the need of examining mail headers to discover the IP and other details related to the sender of a particular email message. The ability of checking email header differs from client to client as, most email applications are capable of displaying the header details while others done. But even the clients that own the ability of displaying email header also can't show either all of the header information or show them completely. Hence, we came up with Email examination application that has especially been structured with the ability of analyzing an anonymous email, and extracting evidence from them in case of legal issues, and convert email to EML, convert email in HTML, etc.

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Rise of the Need to Perform Email Header Examination

When criminal activities like phishing or garbling of data is performed with an email message that you have received you can analyze forensic evidence and discover the missing link. An email header consists of every little detail related to the sender of the email as well as related to any sort of modification done with the properties of the message.

Hence, examining email headers is the best procedure of finding out the culprit behind an anonymous email or the culprit who did alteration of the details of an email header details. A number of websites offer the ability of examining email header details free of cost but they are neither completely successfully nor safe to provide you account details.

Investigators or practitioners in the cyber crime investigation field can avail this application for examining email headers forensically for resolving cases and practice purpose, respectively. Meanwhile, the application exhibits the following set of properties that help users in carrying out the analysis procedure accurately:

  • Using the application lets investigators examine the suspicious email messages of 10 different types of mailbox file format as the tool supports 10 of the most renowned and used mailbox formats.
  • Examining mail headers in multiple view options is possible with our application which includes; MIME View, Property View, RTF View, Hex View, etc.
  • In fact, the cyber crime investigators can even export the data to desired format of file once email investigation has been performed complete. The file formats include; HTML, PDF, EML, and MSG.
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